Forums: 2FA No Longer Working

I had to disable 2FA on my account as every attempt to use it now gives me an error of "Invalid authentication code. Each code can only be used once." This used to work fine, I had it enabled, but today I had to use a backup code to get in.

Hi @chucksense
When was the last time it worked?

@flamber I’m sorry I’m not sure, I only check here sporadically. Given my last post prior to yesterday was Feb 2, it’s a safe bet it worked then. :wink:

@chucksense Okay, I’m going to check that the coming weeks and make other adjustments. The strange thing is that there weren’t any changes to the forum software since October/November (I think).

One other potentially useful details: I use 1Password as my authenticator app, in case it’s somehow specific to that (but not having trouble on any other sites with it at present).

@chucksense, sorry of this is a stupid question… but I’ve been looking for Metabase MFA for a while now and it looks like you have it if I’m interpreting this correctly.

Can you help me understand whether you have MFA enabled on Metabase with an authenticator app (1Password in your case)? And if yes, where is this setting? I couldn’t find anything in the docs about it.

@nepatriot This question was specifically about this forum - not the Metabase app.
There’s a request for the MFA in the app: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber thanks for the lightning fast reply. I’m just glad this wasn’t such an obvious miss on my end!

Will definitely check out the issue and upvote.