Fresh install, metabase won't synch a very simple schema

Hi! I've been using Metabase extensively in my company. Now in a fresh setup (externally hosted MariaDB server) I could test Metabase by adding metabase own schema. Later on I created a simple schema with 3 tables and a few thousand rows, the three last sql files in this github link. The problem is that metabase "sees" the schema, and I can raw-query all of them, but that new lower right "synching tables" card won't dissapear, and neither "Data Model" admin tab shows any table inside it.

This is the schema:


and one of the tables:

CREATE TABLE `comunidades` (
  `id_comunidad` tinyint(4) NOT NULL,
  `nombre` varchar(100) NOT NULL

Any ideas on what could be happening, or which log to inspect?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, found it: apparently "main" was not a good naming choice. Since it's not a reserved word, I guess Metabase choked while parsing what it was told to do in the synching process.

Did I discover a bug? :slight_smile:

Hi @jonay
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And there are likely errors during the sync, so include those errors from Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

Thanks @flamber! Actually, the next morning the tables were there synched, and the log is already full of events, so I don't have the cause for this. I'd try to replicate it just in case somebody stumbles upon this.