Friendly Datatypes For Metabase

I have a new installation of Metabase connected to a SQL Server 2014 Express.

Are there certain datatypes to stick with that would make life easier for the end users?

More specifically, date types and time types?

My server is empty and I was thinking that I would set the data types to something that doesn’t have to be converted in Metabase.

So far, I’ve only had one problem with datatypes in metabase - if you display data in a table, any date or date-time is displayed in long date format. This takes up a lot of space.
I’ve switched everything to using Views, with an added column of the text version of the date. I then sort the table on the ‘real’ date, but display my text column.

In general, Metabase does an excellent job with dates and automatically creates sensible ranges. It’s just the display in tables that’s a pain.

Right. The problem I was running into while testing this was that I could not seem to gracefully filter by strictly time when using a datetimeoffset column. The filters would expand the results by including other times around the range I filtered.
BETWEEN 13:00 AND 14:00
12:05, 12:45, 13:09, 13:12, 13:28, 13:57, 14:09, 14:37

I am thinking I need to separate the date and time into two columns to allow more abstraction.