From scratch a dashboard

Hi guys! I’m not so advanced but I already use metabase because I followed the instructions to connect to a AWS that another person setup. I dont know how.

I’d like to create a simple DB at Heroku or Azure, for trainning and create a dashboard here in MetaBase.

I don’t need details or step-by-step, but some bullets to create it…specially create a db, send to Heroku and connect Metabase.

Many tks in advanced.

Hi, @acaruso , I’ll list some steps you should follow to achieve your goal.

  1. Connect to your heroku account, add a Database plugin there and get the URL, user and password to acess it.
    1.1. You should remember to check if your database is accessible by another heroku app before continue
    1.2. If you already have a database created in your local machine, make a dump of it, connect to heroku using heroku-belt (command line client) and make a database restore in Heroku database using your local dump

  2. Deploy Metabase to your Heroku env and configure your admin user and try to connect to your database using the information you got in step 1

  3. Follow these instructions to create your first question and dashboard.

Hope it helps.

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