Frontends that work nicely with Metabase?

Hi guys,

I know that this is a very general question. And for a lot of use cases (probably the majority of them, ie internal-only) this isn't even relevant.

But for those of you focusing on using Metabase to create embed objects intended for public "consumption" .. what frontends are you using to show off the data visualisations?

I've stumbled upon a few nice-looking sites in the wild but they look like custom designs to me (these are mostly data visualisation projects created by multilateral agencies, which furthered my impression that the sites were custom-built).

I guess I'd be interested to know whether anyone has had success with a well-known "off the shelf" CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal?

Thanks in advance!

I have 2 customers using a simple IFRAME embed in a .Net ASPX page. The hosting page has a line of dropdowns that are used to set the parameters in the embedded dashboard (I designed this before Metabase could do cascading parameters).
It also has a drop down list of available dashboards (coded from a config page, not read from Metabase). That list also contains a few Crystal Reports.
Finally, one of the dashboards is a custom SMS application that provides a centralised text message service. There's an extra panel in the page that allows test messages to be sent when the SMS dashboard is selected.

Next up, a software company I work with does a simple IFRAME embed. They're fortunate that the colours in Metabase are very similar to their own so it looks 'correct'. Currently debating going paid but that's for more flexible security rather than colours.

On my own website, running Wordpress, I just use one of the standard IFRAME plugins. Not sure if that could be improved.

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Same here, we use a simple iframe to embed dashboards with all their params with Drupal 10

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