Full app embedding redirects to login page after successful login

Im trying to do full app embedding in a iframe on another domain using SSO.

But after a successful login in the iframe, Im just redirected back to login screen and in console I can see "...metabaseapp.com/api/user/current 401" (Link works fine outside of the iframe)

From the documentation it seems like its related to SameSite cookies

  • Optional: when the embedding website is hosted under a domain other than the one your Metabase instance is hosted under, you may need to set the environment variable MB_SESSION_COOKIE_SAMESITE=None. Setting the variable to None requires you to use HTTPS in Metabase, otherwise browsers will reject the request. Other options for the SameSite variable are Lax (default) or Strict. Visit MDN to learn more about SameSite cookies.

Im using hosted version of metabase (pro trial version) and I can't see where I can set this value.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi @mbnissen
Contact support via email, so they can see which instance you are working on.

I contacted support and it now works :slight_smile: