Full App Embedding with top nav bar

I am embedding the full Metabase app in an iframe as described here: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/enterprise-guide/full-app-embedding.html

However I don’t want this limitation:

The only difference is that Metabase’s top nav bar and global search will not be rendered in your iframe.

Is there any way around this, so that I can render the top nav bar in my embedding application?

Hi @elliottsj
Please use the support email, when using the Enterprise Edition.
You can replicate the menu options you want in your own app, but it’s currently not possible to keep the nav bar. There’s many different ways to embed - some just opens a new tab with the entire app.

Thanks @flamber. I think I’ll replicate the functionality with my own nav bar. I’ll follow up with the support email if I have further questions.