Full screen link

I’m trying to use Metabase with a signage management tool like Xibo… two major things I’m trying to solve. One is the fact that there’s no way to create a dashboard link that doesn’t require a logon. This was addressed in another question and if anyone has a work around I would be much obliged.

The other is that the dashboards look much better in full screen mode. Is there a link that’ll do this automatically, or at least get rid of the function bar at the top?

(and also being able to specify nighttime mode, which is quite a bit easier to read on a screen)

Regarding dashboard links that don’t require a log-in, we don’t have an ETA on that feature yet, but it’s being tracked in GitHub. This feature, along with embedding questions/dashboards, is one of the most common requests we get, so we are hoping to prioritize it soon.

As for URLs that automatically go to fullscreen — yep! Just put #fullscreen at the end of your dashboard’s URL. If you want fullscreen plus night mode, put #fullscreen&night at the end.

Awesome, thanks! Might be worth adding a button for these options to the GUI (like with update frequency) so that someone else doesn’t ask the same question :slight_smile: