Function before (phyton, store procedure,etc.)

hi guys,

that’s is possible execute a function to load some data before the main query ?

Hi @wsca
Not sure what you’re asking, but you would have to do such functions on the database server or an intermediate proxy.

hello @flamber,

for example: I need transform some columns before the main query

@wsca Okay, then use a view or stored procedure, or proxy.
Or make your query in SQL, which means that you cannot use Simple/Custom questions nor drill-through, which is Metabase’s major features.

okay… so is possible use a store procedure ?

@wsca I don’t know which database you’re querying, but yes, if it is created on the database server, then Metabase can just execute it. Just note that Metabase will prevent any UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE calls.

Maybe it would be better if you tried to explain what you’re trying to do - maybe there’s other solutions.

hi @flamber ,

look, I want to sumarize some tables and transform that’s sumarized data for other table before que main query (like a ETL)

@wsca Okay, then it sounds like you should just create a View in the database, which Metabase will then see as a regular table.
Or you might be able to create what you need from Custom question, and then reusing that as a Saved Question.