Funnel Chart and Documentation v0.23.0

I’m unable to find any documentation regarding the new funnel chart in the v0.23.0.
Specifically, I’m wondering how the data should be modeled to use the funnel feature.

Is there any documentation on funnel usage?
Has anyone used this feature yet?


Did you find this section of the docs?

As the docs mention, you need to have two columns in a table: one that contains the metric or value you’re interested in, and another that has the steps or stages for your funnel. For example, in a users sessions table, you could do a count of rows and group it by a field that contains the page where they dropped off to see where users are leaving in your purchase flow/funnel.

Does that help?

Thanks for the response @maz. It looks like the documentation has been updated since I last checked. This answers my question :slight_smile:

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From v0.24 and onwards the chapter number got bumped to 05 and now lives at: