This formula used to work when I was selft hosted (on-prem) but it doesn't work well now that I use the cloud service of Metabase.

Someone knows why ?

I've a tonne of nocode automations starting with this formula :frowning:

we have a customer that reported the exact same issue, but we don't believe this is a Metabase issue but rather a google issue. Can you check again if this works in your local instance?

I kept my local instance and I can compare: it works very well on my local instance for the same requests. (fortunately, every minute, hundreds of importdata run without an error).

Is it a question of speed ? on-prem, requests appear faster than metabase hosting.

For reference:

I'm waiting for informations from Google.

Luiggi, I'm testing something : I'll active the formula automatically only when I need to know the result.
I'm doing this with make.com.
My scenario is a kind of : put the formula on, then get the result, then put the formula off.
It seems to be better than let the formula on all day long.
keep you in touch

I have a very strong feeling this Google blocking the Metabase cloud IP's on it's WAF. That might be the only reason why it works on every local Metabase of our customers but not when they move to the Cloud.

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I've cancelled the Metabase plan to go back to my self hosting

thanks, now i got an ideas