Gauge chart visualisation


I’m wondering if it is possible to show a gauge chart without any corresponding numbers being on the graph? I can work out how to change the numbers so they show 0 or NaN, bu instead would be better if the chart had no numbers at all. Thank you!


Hi @paulb , welcome to this fantastic Metabase community.

Hi @paulb
Just trying to understand what you’re asking for.
Are you looking to just hide the numbers, but still having multiple ranges?
If you could provide a screenshot of what you’re looking for, that would help a lot.
I don’t know of any feature requests to remove/hide the numbers, so I would recommend that you open one:

Hi @flamber,

Yes, that’s it. So I’m trying to have this

…look like this

Thanks! Will open a feature request if there is no other way of doing this.

@paulb There’s no way to hide numbers currently.

Ok, thanks for clarifying!