Gcloud deployment failing health checks

I am trying to deploy Metabase docker image to google cloud run. I have been able to deploy successfully when I set health check to be default:
Startup probe:
tcp 3000 every 240s

Default STARTUP TCP probe succeeded after 1 attempt for container "metabase-1" on port 3000.
2023-11-26 00:02:08.570 GMT
2023-11-26 00:02:08,569 INFO metabase.core :: Starting Metabase version v0.47.8 (639fa5e ?) ...

However, when i then open the URL it's then stuck in initialising loop and the logs give me error:
GET5031.64 KB14 msChrome 119 https://metabase-6vrygoeusq-ew.a.run.app/api/health

I have also tried changing the health checks to be:
Startup probe
http /api/health every 240s

When i set health check to http though it fails when trying to deploy.

what's the sizing of the deployment?

I am trying to deploy to Google cloud run, which is their serverless option.
Since the application won't be getting much regular use I want to try and deploy to a pay per use option.
Is this possible with Metabase? (i have deployed both frontend and backend applications to cloud run before without issues)

I ended up just deploying to google compute engine with the smallest sizing as it ended up being easier and cheaper (due to deploying to cloud run would require a container to always remain running). Appreciate your response though