Get a list of all fields in all tables from Metabase

We are using Metabase (0.32.1) with Postgres 9.6 (RDS). The application database is also on Postgres 9.6 (RDS).

I would like to get a list of all tables and fields in the data warehouse from Metabase, along with associated constraints like PK, indexes etc. I need this information in order to start writing a data dictionary, and a guide on how to write queries using our Metabase.

I would be happy to get this information from Metabase including the friendly name that Metabase assigns a field that it indexes. Otherwise if someone could show me how to get this from Postgres that would also be great.

Hi @kgl_m
I think most of what you’re looking for is located in the table metabase_field - have you looked in that?
Also, there’s a list of various queries, which might help you figure things out: