Get all dashboard links


I'd like to audit what I've got into the tool and I'm looking for any type of lineage.
Is there a way to extract all dashboard and/or questions links into a file?

I'm not able to copy and paste the links from the "Our analytics" page as I suppose it references all what has been created.

Also, when I go to "[Learn about our data] and [Questions about this table] it never gives me the same result and mainly that I have no question related.

in advance thank you.

If you’re self hosted run a query in the db for this

I'm not...
And thanks, "run a query" really helps.

Hi Azrael, if you're not self hosting and you're using Metabase Cloud, you should contact our support channel. Not only we will prioritize this issue you're having but we will also help you achieve your goals.

If this is being run by another provider other than Metabase, we suggest you contact the provider so they can run a query in the application database (report_card and report_dashboard tables), so you get all the entitites you have