Get back from actions

I’m a bit confused. In this issue, they reporter kind of describes my problem. When I drill down the data from a given table, at least from a new question, I can’t go back to where I was - neither by pressing the back button from browser, or any other way. But that issue is closed, so I assume it has been fixed, although I’m still struggling to figure it out. Any tips here?

I just tried with version 0.29.3 and the People table in the sample data to reproduce - but wasn’t able to. So you need to describe the problem you see more specifically. I tried wit current latest Firefox developer edition.

I tried creating a new question, displaying the full result as table, then narrowing down to a single state, then down to a single person. Was able to move back and forward with browser back/forward all along the way.

Well… Embarassing. It was probably something related to my browser, I was able now to get back from it as well. I’m sorry. How do I close this topic?