Get the actual data from the card

I want to retrieve the value from a card using the Metabase API and Python. I've referred to the Metabase documentation (Card) and learned about the API endpoint. I also looked at the Metabase API documentation (Working with the Metabase API) to understand how to interact with it using Python.

However, when trying to fetch the data, I realized that the 'data' key, which is mentioned in the documentation, is missing in the JSON response.

In summary, I'm looking for a way to extract the value from the card using the Metabase API in Python.

What endpoint are you hitting to get the data?

the values within the table.
It seems that there is no 'data' key in the result.

Please mention which endpoint you’re hitting

I would like to get the result of the question.



Questions (known as cards in the API) are queries and their visualized results.

there is no 'data' key in the result



This will return a key value json of the results of the query.