Get the value difference between today and yesterday

I have a datasheet as follows but I don't know how to write to compare the different values between yesterday and today. For example, I need to know what the growth of today is? In math we will use growth today - growth yesterday
Ex Today Weight = 129M, Yesterday = 128m >> Growth Today = 129-128 = 1M.
I tried to write the Between expression but it was not effective. Between ([Weight], "Interval '1 Day'," Interval '-1 Day' ")) and a few other similar formulas.

In addition, I also tried to create a metric including Max Weight Today and Max Weight Yesterday and then add it to the custom expression (Today - Yesterday) but it did not show the results

you need to do a window function there but it's still not supported via GUI, please upvote Sliding windows in MBQL · Issue #9393 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

your only option is to do a SQL question