Get time today in filter time

Is there a way to get the current date in a date filter like a time filter in table fields?

Because the time filter does not have the current date, when I use the field filter with today, it displays an additional line specifying the date column I selected (1) but I only want to get the date (2). Is there any way?

My function only accepts time and string variables. But when using today in field filter, it takes both the time and name data field int table used to time filter.
But I only want to get

"DateFromParts(2023, 12, 22)"

instead of

"DateFromParts(year("dbo"."XU_LY_TAU"."DAY_CT"), month("dbo"."XU_LY_TAU"."DAY_CT"), day("dbo"."XU_LY_TAU"."DAY_CT")) = DateFromParts(2023, 12, 22)"