Getting cast error with number array from firebase

Hi, I am trying to solve an error with array related error.

I tried checked some table and getting an error in one table with number array contained.

There are other arrays like string or map array in firebase.

But only number array showing error like java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to java.lang.String
when I tried to check data table.

Is there anyway to solve the problem??

if any more info needed let me know , will share about that!

Hi @genkia
I guess you’re using BigQuery? Then you’re likely seeing this issue:

Yes, I am using BigQuery, @flamber.
Thanks for your reply!! Oh, seems the bug still not be resolved yet…
Where do I find to start with to solve this problem, is there is any suggestions.

I’m new to metabase and bigquery

Solved problem by creating view and cast ARRAY to int array.

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