Getting error Host '' is not reachable when trying to have connection to a database

Hi Team,

I am in process of writing a driver in metabase for the datasource Firebolt. I have jar file in my local system, using which I am running metabase locally. When I am trying to have connection to the database, it throws the following error.

POST /api/setup/validate 400 24.2 s (0 DB calls)
{:errors {:host "Host '' is not reachable"}}

As Firebolt doesn't support "http" connection, it isn't able to have connection. How can I make the database call as "https" call.

Hi @rajeshk
I would recommend that you look at some of the other drivers like Snowflake, GA, or BigQuery, which also are only available via https.
Nothing in the error seems to be related to the protocol.

Hi Flamber,

Thanks for prompt reply.

From below stack trace, you can see that it is doing http request.

2021-10-26 18:29:26,155 WARN firebolt.FireboltHttpClient :: Failed to connect to Firebolt service with the following response: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

2021-10-26 18:29:26,158 ERROR firebolt.FireboltHttpClient :: error in post /auth/v1/login ,the error: Failed to connect to Firebolt, see logs for more info

2021-10-26 18:29:26,159 WARN firebolt.FireboltDriver :: Failed to extract Firebolt's database endpoint

Do you know any way to make it a https call.

Thank you.

@rajeshk Either post a link to your repo, otherwise look at the other drivers that I recommended.