Getting kicked out right after sign in?

Hi, I’m running metabase as a jar in prod. I got the set up page running and went ahead to create an admin account, you know the whole choose language, first name lastname, datastore ( i selected configure later) flow. Then I tried to sign in on the sign in page, it then took me to the dashboard portal for a split second and then immediately kicks me back to the sign in page…what’s going on?

Here’s an interesting log in the browser console that may be interesting:
GET https://INSERT_METABASE_INTERNAL_DOMAIN/api/collection/root 401

Ok this time I was able to get into the home portal page for like 20 seconds before I got booted back to the sign in page … what is going on?

Hi @skz1996, would you mind sending information about your deployment? Version of Metabase, your browser, where and how it’s deployed, environment variables used, metabase logs, etc. Thanks!

@skz1996 Instead of deleting the topic, it would be helpful if you wrote what the solution was, so others can learn from it, when they search the forum.