Getting this error

Im trying to run this command to run backend clojure -M:run and got this error
Syntax error (ClassNotFoundException) compiling at (metabase/db/liquibase.clj:1:1).
metabase.db.liquibase.MetabaseMySqlCreateTableSqlGenerator. Can anyone tell me where im going wrong. Or share the steps how to run meta base locally for the development

Hi @ayazwani
Since you are not providing any information about which branch you are working on, then it's difficult to know. But I'm guessing you are working on master, so have a look at the docs for that:

yes im working on the masterr branch. Thanks will follow the steps.

I have a question? do we need backend up and running, to do development on frontend?

@ayazwani Well that depends, but generally yes. The frontend has no knowledge about anything and gets all it's information from the backend.

Still getting this error in logs on running clojure -M:run

@ayazwani Post the output of:

# OS and version
 sed -nE 's/^PRETTY_NAME="([^"]+)"$/\1/p' /etc/os-release
# Git branch and commit
 echo `git status | head -1 && git log -1 --format="commit %H"`
# Java version and architecture
 java -version
# Java variable configuration
 echo $JAVA_HOME
# Java path configuration
 echo $PATH | grep --color=never -oe "/usr/lib/jvm/[^:]*"
# NodeJS version
 node --version
# Yarn version
 yarn --version
# Clojure version
 clojure --help | grep Version

Output of the above commands:

@ayazwani You are not using the latest version of Clojure:

updated the version of clojure got this now:

@ayazwani Pretty please. Do not post screenshots of error messages. It's impossible to search an image.

@flamber Sure.

got this error : Error building classpath. The following libs must be prepared before use: [metabase/java-deps]



backend is running now, but started to run frontend using yarn build-hot

got this error : error Unable to resolve path to module 'cljs/metabase.mbql.js' import/no-unresolved

@ayazwani Something is missing. Try just using yarn dev:

@flamber yarn dev ran successfully. Do I now need to run backend as well? and how should i see it in the browser? localhost:8080/ is showing so file structure

@ayazwani The backend should be running, when you run that command.
Metabase is accessible via localhost:3000

@flamber Can you help me with, which is the main file for the frontend development to start with?

@ayazwani I don't know what "main file" means to you, but there's no such concept in React.
If you do not have any React knowledge, then it will become very difficult to work on the frontend.
You should read some React tutorials.

Yeah I'm going through react tutorials as well, I wanted to know that what is the parent file from where the rest of the components are called, is it index.js? Or some other file