Getting this in development environment while running server

I'm currently working on metabase development environment, and i'm running the backend server using cl j-M: run command the the yarn build-hot for frontend. But once i do some code change in the frontend , it shows following log info on terminal then the front end side at localhost:3000 gets freezed on the no requested is responded. It show nothing on screen

Hi @ayazwani
Since you're not writing which branch, tag or commit you're basing off, then it's not possible to help you.
Look here for the correct commands:

@flamber im working on master branch. And also did follow these steps.

@ayazwani Okay, it works for everyone else, so it must be something with your setup, but we've been over this multiple times. Metabase is not a beginner-friendly project. It's complex and you'll need to be fairly experienced developer.

The command for starting the backend is clojure -M:run, not cl j-M: run

yeah i meant the same command clojure -M:run. and Thanks