Give us your feedback on version 0.38

Version 0.38 is now available with pivot tables, waterfall charts, dashboard subscriptions, an updated layout for Collections, and more! You can check out the blog for the full story.

We’d love to get your feedback on the release here. What do you like or dislike? Did we miss the mark? And if you’re pretty sure you’ve found a bug, please go ahead and create a bug report on GitHub.



Hi Maz. Congratulations to the team on the .38 release. I remember discussing pivot tables with you a while back and now they are true. I will upgrade the new version with one of my clients and will let you know feedback in the next couple of days. Cheers indeed!


Hi Maz, first of all congrats on 0.38, Pivots / Waterfalls / Dashboard Subscriptions are real game-changers!

I have one question though on the Pivot functionality, we use BigQuery and when trying to pivot on a table I get the message ‘This database does not support pivot tables’.

How could I exploit this feature and do you plan to add BigQuery as supported databases for Pivots?


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Hey, Hristo! Yep, I definitely consulted my notes from our conversations back then during the design process for this feature. Hope you like what we’ve done!

That’s a great catch, Marco. I think we neglected to explicitly note these DB-specific limitations in the release notes and documentation. I’ll see if we can correct that asap, but I’m not currently able to answer when exactly we’ll add pivot table support for those DBs.

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I haven’t pushed to production yet but am using it myself in dev. Overall I like what I see.

I really like the pivot tables, what you’ve delivered here is a pretty good first pass. Would love to be able to use colour formatting on these like regular tables. Also I can’t seem to export a pivot table to csv or excel until it’s been saved, that seems to be different to other visualisations.

The collection navigation is much improved, works better for our use case. One thing that didn’t work but I expected it to was dragging collections to move them. To move a collection I had to go into the collection, edit it and select the parent from that dialog. This works but I didn’t find it intuitive.

Personal collections seems a little strange, you can nest collections in them, but they don’t appear in the collections listed in the collections drop down modal (i.e. the list that’s available in the “Collection it’s saved in” drop down, or the question save dialog). I don’t think this is v0.38 specific, it’s been around for a while.

Looking good!

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Pivot Tables was really a game changer, like @marco said.

I could use metabase in the new company i’m working instead of many data viz tools because of it (It was the one thing that was holding the stake holders to adopt, after I “selling” metabase).

Using for about 3 years now in every company i work! I see the team is growing after these years, you all deserve it!



Hi @maz! Have you been able to assess this issue with the team?
Do you think Pivots in BigQuery could be part of a future 0.38.X release?

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@marco There’s an issue open now, which you can subscribe to: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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thanks @flamber!

really like the waterfall graph :heart: