Google Adwords Data into Metabase

How are people getting Adwords data into Metabase? There are two ways we have been looking at:
Connect Adwords to Google Analytics and pull data from there. It’s somewhat limited in that there are fields that aren’t coming over from Adwords into GA.

Use Stitch to pull Adwords data into BigQuery or Redshift. The downside to this is that the fields that come over are also somewhat limited. In our execution, we use Adwords OrderID as the foreign key. Stitch (currently) doesn’t support pulling that field.

I’m curious what others are doing here.

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Hey @samyount we use the way you mentioned with Adwords and GA but if you want all data, I recommend using Segment. You can add Adwords as a source and then a warehouse of your choice (we use Postgres).

Hope this helps!

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We’ve actually found a better method using the BigQuery data transfer service.

Hope it’s helpful to someone else.


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You are able to pull all the data from Google Ads, right? The most important metric that I would like to see on Metabase is the cost.


Send your google data to Bigquery and from there you can start doing all the analysis you need