Google Analytics Date Filter

I have a dashboard that is supposed to show the total to date of my information but it's not showing the total users or total users conducting sessions. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like for "total users" and "Total users conducting sessions". There is no filter on it so it should be able to show the total.

Hi @awilliams8
I don't think I understand. I guess the problem is not the dashboard, but the actual questions. And it's hard to know what you have selected or which filters you are using on a question from a screenshot.

I have figured it out. The start date started 2005 but it wasn't registering so I changed it to 2020 and it worked which is odd.

@awilliams8 I would guess that might be some restriction in GA, which doesn't let you span so long.

Ok, thanks! Is there a way to subtract two Google Analytics metrics? I would like to subtract 'total users' with 'total returning visitors'.

@awilliams8 No, the GA driver has limited functionality, so there are no Custom Expressions or Custom Column functionality.