Google Analytics Divide one Metric by another

Hi, I'm pulling from Google Analytics to MB and want to show clicks/impressions = click through rate on an embedded dashboard but having real trouble.

It seems I'll have to move the data to a data warehouse but I really wanted to see if there was some way to do this before I go the costly route.

I've tried custom expressions, segments and metrics but nothing seems to work.

Is there any way to do this?
Would moving from universal to GA4 make any difference?
Is there any way to call SQL queries on GA without moving events to a warehouse?
If warehouse is the only choice does anyone know what the cheapest option for ETL tool and Warehouse would be?


Hi @j95
The current GA driver/implementation is limited in Metabase compared to what you would be able to do if you copied the data to example BigQuery."Database%2FGoogle+Analytics"+

This is the general sense I got, thanks flamber. I have actually moved data over to Big Query today and the only issue is performance.

What are the best ways to improve this?

Is Big Query slower than other warehouses? Other than caching are there any other big performance enhancers?

Apologies I know there's a guide on this, I just wanted to check in case there's anything else.

@j95 I don't know which type of performance issues you are having. If it happens in BigQuery, then the problem is somewhere there, but if it only happens in Metabase, then you need to problem more information - at least "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.