Google Analytics Plugin on Metabase v0.33.4


We have used the Metabase GA plug-in for the last year to generate reports and questions. We recently upgraded to the latest Metabase version and have found that we can still see our existing questions (with the latest data in) but are unable to create new ones or edit existing ...

Asking a "custom question" leaves you at this screen ...

"Browsing data" provides a pre-defined graph like this. The UI doesn't allow us to edit the filters, columns or visualisation...

The same applies to editing existing questions using the GA data source.

Is this a known problem in this version?

I am not seeing any errors in the logs from Metabase.

Any help would be great!


Hi @Kieran_m
If you downgrade to 0.33.3 (remember to backup first!) - does normal functionality start working again?
Do you see any errors in the browser console?
I think you might be seeing this issue:

Hi @flamber,

Thanks for linking that issue, I think it is one and the same. We will look to try the downgrade in the coming days -thanks.

It has gotten priority 1, so there’s a chance that it might get fixed by 0.33.5 - otherwise likely 0.34.0