Google Analytics Reporting API v4 support

First of all, I’m a big fan of metabase. I’ve been using it for about a week now (and still learning) but I find most features to be effective.

One roadblock I’ve run into concerns the Google Analytics functionality. It seems that metabase is utilizing the Core Reporting API v3 to retrieve reports:

Documentation -

Where it’s implemented -

This is useful for obtaining data, but not for data manipulation. For instance, in my data I want to compare the number of new users for a given time period to the number of active users for the previous time period i.e. new/active. This can be done with the v4 Reporting API:

Now, I’m new to both of these technologies, but it seems like upgrading this feature would open up many possibilities. If there is a reason to stick with the v3 API, I’ll try and make do. But at least adding this in as an option for a native query would be very helpful. I would do it myself, but I’m a JavaScript developer, and Clojure looks nothing like that, so I’m stuck.

Thanks for everything, please let me know if I missed anything

Hi @kyle.clawson

It’s correct that Metabase is currently using API v3 with GA.
I highly doubt that just by upgrading to v4, it will enable comparison - I’m pretty sure it would require a lot of other things done in Metabase.

Currently most other databases have the ability of doing comparison in Metabase through the Custom Expressions:

I would recommend that you open a request on upgrading the API, but I doubt it will automatically give the options you’re looking for:

Thanks, I can do that. I’m aware that upgrading won’t open up all possibilities, but I know it will at least open up some of them.

For reference: