Google Analytics Some Cards Don't Load For a Dashboard

I've a dashboard template that I've created for several different clients. In this dashboard I use Google Analytics API for some tables and scorecards.

Last week I created the exact same dashboard for a new client, but in this dashboard %30 of Google Analytics cards and tables fails when loading. And not the same ones, each time the scorecard that doesn't load and displays "There was a problem displaying this chart." error changes.

I know that there is a timeout limit (it was around 60 minutes I suppose) after that it says "your question takes too long", but this is not something like this either, around 40 seconds after I open the dashboard some questions (scorecards and tables) starts to fail.

I assume it's not related to Metabase, since same dashboard work with different clients, it's probably a Analytics situation but I couldn't find any solution nor real cause of the problem.

Would you suggest anything to help?

Hi @kksql
There's a known problem with queries being throttled, which can cause problems on larger dashboards. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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