Google Login Pop-up is blank

When I try to log into Metabase through my workplace google account on my work computer, the login window opens but remains completely blank. I can't log in with my email because my Metabase account is through my company, through Google. Other browsers and incognito mode also do not work on my work computer. However, I can log in on my personal computer (using my work google account) but not my phone.

I've tried VPNs, changing the DNS, restarting, everything I could think of. It's not a systems issue, cause all my teammates' logins work fine. It's only mine that's problematic. Metabase is up to date.

  • browser and the version: Chrome 107.0.5304.107, also doesn't work on Microsoft Edge 107.0.1418.42
  • operating system: Windows 10 Version 21H2

Hi @wdossett
Make sure that the Metabase Site URL in Admin > Settings > General is configured exactly how the page is being accessed, and that URL is defined in the Google Cloud Console as Allowed Javascript Origins.
Even just a mistake with http:// vs https:// will cause problems.