Google OAuth The window was closed before completing Google Authentication


I am getting this error:

The window was closed before completing Google Authentication.

with Google OAuth.

metabase is hosted on and working fine with email/pass.


Authorised JavaScript origins:
Authorised redirect URIs: -

Do I need a ‘Authorised redirect URIs’?

Hi @sevaho
No, redirect URL should be left blank:
And you should check the browser console for any errors during the login.
But perhaps you’re having issues with Chrome 79 - follow this issue:

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Yes totally correct! thank you!

  • Same bug with Firefox 81.0 on macOS.
  • Works perfectly fine with Chrome Version 86.0.4240.80 (Build officiel) (x86_64) on macOS.

@oteku Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Make sure that third-party cookies isn’t blocked. Check the browser developer console.

Hello @flamber,
I'm Using Metabase version v0.42.4 and getting this error.
I tried out with Chrome, Safari, and brave browser, but got the same error.
I did all the steps using this doc.

I also update Metabase version v0.42.4 to the latest ( v0.45.1) and now in that sign-in popup is showing a blank page.
can you help here?

you're using an old version of Metabase that has a deprecated Google OAuth2 library. Unless you upgrade to the latest version your Metabase instance is broken

Hello @Luiggi ,
Thank you for reply.
I also try out v0.45.1, which is the latest version of Metabase.
I also create a new instance again and still it's giving a blank page in a sign-in popup.
Can you help here.

If the new instance is not the latest version, it won’t work. Also, check your browser plugins and disable them all

My Metabase instance version is v0.45.1. (Which is the latest.)
I also disable all the extensions of the browser. also, open in incognito mode and also try out hard refresh.
I also add data in Metabase from bigquery, so I think my instance is not broken.

Are you using any reverse proxy? Any proxy that may be caching something in the middle? Can you test in other browsers? Can you open the browser developer tools in the blank window to see what’s the front end error that’s popping up?

Yes i try out with brave, safari and chrome.
So when that blank popup open that time I'm not getting any error in log, but when I refresh "Sign in to Metabase" page I'm getting this errors in console.
Thanks again for replying.

Hey @Luiggi ,
Is that error due to Metabase deployed on non-https domain??

Unfortunately we don’t know that, you’ll have to check the configuration of your Google sso to see what you put as an origin and if it matches your Metabase url