Graph of my cumulative revenue per year


I've a database with all the invoices I send, with fields like date, amount, ...
I'd like to generate a graph of my cumulative revenue per year. I mean :

  • a serie per year
  • all the series start at 0€ on the 01/01 then increase each time there is a invoice (can be group by week/month)
  • X-axe can be the number of days/months since the beginning of the year
  • Y-axe should be cumulative sum of the amount of the invoices i sent since the beginning of the year

I hope it's clear :thinking:
Do you know can I do that? Thank you very much!

Hi @camilleroux
Because of a limitation of how cumulative values currently works, you would have to create separate questions for each year and then combine them on a dashboard: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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I tried what you did but it's not perfect. Do you know how I can overlay this two series?

Yes, don't return full dates, but just relative like "Week of year", which just returns a week number.

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Can I do that with the editor? or do i have to write the request in SQL?

@camilleroux Yep

Wonderful !