Greyed out filtered by and grouped by when creating new custom questions (Greenplum)


I’m moved from 0.27.x to 0.28.5 and I cannot use anymore filters when creating a new custom query, they are greyed out

Normal behavior should be like below

Unfortunately after moving to 0.28.x (I also trued a completely new install) I only get greyed out filters and grouping

I’m using windows 2012R2, Java 64, Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) metabase 0.28.5
The data source is greenplum 4.3.9, I’m using postgres as connector

Any idea what the issue could be or if anyone had and solved the same issue?


Does the Metabase log reveal anything? Does the browser console (F12) reveal anything?

What happens if you try to force a database rescan under Admin? Does a browser hard-refresh (Ctrl-F5) help?

Ah I now see you also opened an issue - will continue over there.