Grid Maps: Multiple Statistics Display and Interactive Dashboard Graphs

Greetings everyone,

I have a couple of questions related to grid maps that I could use some assistance with:

Question 1: I'm in the process of creating a grid map, and I've encountered a challenge. I've managed to display multiple statistics using the UI, but the issue arises when I hover my mouse over the grid. Only one statistic is visible during the hover. I suspect this limitation might be due to the heatmap colors being based on a single measure. I was wondering if there is a solution to display all the measures while still having the coloring based on just one?

Question 2: Additionally, I'm exploring the possibility of integrating a grid map or heat map into a dashboard. I'm curious to know if it's feasible to draw a box on the map and have it automatically fetch the coordinates, updating the values of other graphs within the same dashboard. Essentially, I'm looking for a functionality similar to filtering, but utilizing the draw box feature instead of field filters.

Your insights and suggestions on these matters would be highly appreciated.