Grid or Pin maps not showing any map detail

As it says, I have a data source with Latitude and Longitude columns and when visualised with the Map it does not display any map detail at all. To confirm the issue I have recreated with sample database, both as Grid and Pin.

Running Enterprise 1.48.6, but issue was seen in previous version also.

Deployed as docker image on Azure App service. Could it be a security issue bringing in the detail externally?

Additionally, is there any way to use a custom map for either Pin or Grid?


hi, if you're running the enterprise edition you should contact support. Can you go to the console of your browser and see what comes out? pretty sure it's something around the url of the instance


Console errors are CSP related including blocking googletagmanager and other analytics scripts. Which I don't think would result in what I'm seeing.

There is also a warning about a call to being blocked by the CORB.


Where is the map data loaded from, it's not onboard the app is it?

I'll drop a message to support.