Group By on fields with Persian or Arabic doesn't work for charts


I have two tables, DATA and LABELS. In DATA I have logs of something that have a "created" field and also a "label" field that has a foreign key to LABELS. The LABELS table has the two columns "id" which is a unique id for each label and "label" which is the text for each label with Arabic/Persian letters.

So the issue is that I need to get a chart grouped by "created" to show the data against time and also group by the labels to see the data for each label in the same chart. What happens is that Metabase just groups all data by the "created" date field and ignores the "label" text field and I get a single chart. But if I group by the "id" field instead of the text, it groups just fine and draws all the charts but I don't have the informative labels anymore.

I tested the same thing with English characters and all was fine. Only the Persian/Arabic text seems to be the issue. Also filters work fine with the label field.

Chrome 108.0
Windows 11
Metabase v0.45.1
Ubuntu 22.0.8
H2 (default)

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Canopus
I don't know which database type you're querying, but you cannot have two columns in the same table with the same identifier.
Try providing a screenshot of your Notebook editor, so it's easier to understand.