Grouped by Quarter and Quarter of Year is reversed

it seems that the group functions quarter and quarter of year are reversed - when I group a date by quarter it is shown like that:
Q1 - 2016
Q2 - 2016
Q3 - 2016

Grouping by quarter of year gives me:
even if there are dates from several years in the query.

Seems to be the same logic with month and month of year. I would expect it to be the other way round?

Kind regards, Eva

This is the expected behavior, but might be a problem with wording. Quarter just divides up the time x-axis into quarters per year, and could span multiple years if your data includes multiple years.

Quarter of year takes all the results and puts them into either Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4, to let you see, in aggregate, what each quarter’s total looks like compared to the others. The real limitation right now is that you can’t currently break out by the same time field twice — i.e., by quarter of year, per year, in order to get stacked bars per each quarter divided up into each year.

Ah I see, thanks. Not sure if it is just me but I would expected exactly the opposite based on the wording. But that´s maybe how I translate it :slight_smile: