Grouping dates from csv upload

Hello! I'm using version 0.47.9 and exploring the csv upload functionality (very excited for this :slight_smile:). In using my uploaded data, I'm having trouble grouping my data by different periods. I have a date column in my file and have set the type in the table metadata to date. When aggregating, the column functions as a date however it does not allow for grouping by different periods. Do you know how I can get the period aggregation to work without having to write a SQL query on the data....? Thanks!

What is the base type? I think the problem is there, field in the database is not a date

It's a postgresql database but this table is being created through csv upload. In the original csv file, the column type is date. And once I upload it to metabase, I'm able to set the type to date and it appears with the calendar icon. It's just not giving me the option to group by periods....

go to the actual table and tell me what is the data type that Metabase created it with. BTW: we're improving this behavior

It's being created with a text type: