Guidance for minimum SQL Server database permissions

Hi Team - is there any documented guidance for the minimum permissions required for Metabase to connect to a SQL Server instance and perform its analyses?

I have been asked to refine the permissions for an existing SQL Server user we use with Metabase so that it has just enough permissions to query any tables in the database. I do not want to break the ability of Metabase to consult its quantum abacus etc. I saw a similar question for Postgres that talked about its 'select' permission but that it might need more than just 'select'. Hoping for some clear guidance...

Thank you in advance

The SQL login that my Metabase uses is only a member of the db_datareader role on my data warehouse. I've never had any problems.

From what I'm aware of Metabase only needs access to write and manipulated data on it's own application DB (Postgres, MySQL, H2 or whatever you've got setup).

If a BI tool needs more than just select permissions on a data source it would have to give me a really good reason why it needs it.

(Edited "schema" to "role")


Thank you for your reply!!!