Hanging on step 'sync-timezone'/Creating new connection pool - connection constantly opened/closed?


I am currently working on a Metabase driver for a new JDBC driver (still in development). I am currently experiencing an issue when trying to connect to a database, but I am not sure where it could come from.

The logs indicate that the connection is continuously opened and closed when trying to sync and create a new connection pool. Interestingly I tried to open a connectionPool (with unit tests in another project) but did not experience the same issue. The JDBC driver seems alright with other clients.

Does someone know what might be failing ? Unforutnately I am unable to share the entire code yet...

Thanks !

Hi @SweetCorn
It's very hard to help you without seeing the code you are using, or even knowing which database type it is, or if the database supports timezones, or which branch/commit of Metabase you are working from.
The problem happens somewhere here, besides that, then I cannot help you:

Hi @flamber , thanks !
The driver used is https://github.com/firebolt-db/metabase-firebolt-driver and was working fine with an older version of the JDBC driver (so there must be something to fix there). However I struggle finding out why/what method is called by Metabase. I can see in the logs that the query to get the timestamp is not even called (as it just continuously closes/open connections).

@SweetCorn If you are the driver developer, then reach out to your contact with Metabase.