Have you tried CSV uploads in the 0.47 RC? How did it go?

Hey all,

Conor from Metabase here. We're looking for feedback on the soon-to-ship CSV uploads feature for Postgres and MySQL databases.

Have you tried them out in the latest RC? How did it go? Did you get any blocking errors?

I've posted a seperate topic in here about this.
To me the feature is a bit "useless" when you are not able to specify the delimiter for the file.

My files are transformed into one big column instead of breaking it in multiple columns.
Our delimiter in most of the files are ";".

Nice idea, but...

The user who uploads the data needs to be able to manage just their data - renaming columns etc
Need to be able to define indexes in some way - what happens when you start joining to other data?
Need to be able to append/update existing table rather than just creating a 2nd copy in the database
Need a management process to delete on a schedule or define the lifetime of the data
If you upload two separate copies of data you need to be able to change the source of a question
You can archive the dataset but can't delete from the database.

Honestly, it's a nice idea that has the potential to just blow up in an admin's face. Worse, it's likely to take over too much dev time at Metabase once data management needs become more apparent. I won't be recommending to any of my customers.

If this functionality is important to users, they need to find a different, more suitable way to add csv files to their database.