Having creating new admin account again after docker-compose down and up

Hi guys,

I am not sure if I set up my docker compose right, but whenever I do docker-compose down and then up, Metabase resets everything and asks me to create an Admin account as if it is first fresh installed.

I follow the installing instruction here: How To Install Metabase on Ubuntu 20.04 with Docker | DigitalOcean

The tutorial in Digital Ocean is wrong and nobody should follow it, first of all it doesn’t setup a proper application database, and then, if you’re going to use the H2 db, we persist those files into /metabase.db folder, not /metabase as the guide says

Hi @Luiggi
Thanks for the response. Is there any instruction to install Metabase on Docker Compose properly?
I want to use external Postgres to connect to Metabase, so I dont't need PG on the setup.
Thanks in advance.

Take a look at my repositories in paoliniluis (Luis Paolini) · GitHub, there are plenty of stacks there to clone

got that, thanks @Luiggi