Having multiple layers of admin access/permissions

Currently, we can only assign users as admins or all users which is pretty basic.

We have numerous use cases where we'd need to give different permissions and I do not mean at Database or model level.

For e.g. 1. We have a team that needs to be able to on an ad-hoc basis resync a specific database they own without giving them full admin access.

E.g. 2. We have a dedicated IT team that gives people access to metabase, I don't necessarily want to give them the right to play around with other settings admins have access to.

It would be good if we can have various levels of admin access where we select what sort of actions certain individuals/groups can do.

Is this something in the pipeline?

We've introduced new permissions in the recent versions, have you checked that already?

@Luiggi I have not - looks like we need to update Metabase to a more recent version. Thanks!

Ah, I have just realised it's only for Pro and Enterprise versions which we sadly do not have.