Heat Map o Pin Map with counters

Hi guys, I’m just giving my two cents here…

It would be great if the Map Chart could have an option to show not only a simple pin but something more refined to give the reader a quantity info in a glimpse.

So far the best examples I can provide are from Google because it’s the tool I’m familiar with, hopefully Leaflet has something similar

Google Maps Heat Map

Even better: Google Maps Markers Clustering

It looks like it does: https://asmaloney.com/2015/06/code/clustering-markers-on-leaflet-maps/ … so at least there is the potential to build this.

For the heat maps there already a feature request on GitHub (even with two apparently stalled WIP implementation attempts :frowning:)

You’re right!

Hopefully it won’t be too much trouble to implement for the Metabase guys :crossed_fingers: