Help me evaluate Metabase!

Im looking to use Metabase (paid plan is fine) as an augmentation for my company's own internal BI tools.
Our business does a lot of reporting for marketers and advertisers. We already have a pretty robust data engineering solution, but our own tools lack a lot of UX flexibility. For most cases, our clients just need to look at the dashboard, and maybe do some simple table sorting / searching and time adjustments, but that's it. The dashboards are intended for our clients to consume them fairly "read only"

Here are the requirements - does Metabase work for this??

  1. Need to be easy for our business team to be able to setup dashboard's look and feel.
  2. Need to be able to share a dashboard with and with out any sort of log in / security
  3. Need to be able to build lots of pages / tabs for a report (like Datastudio does)
  4. *** Important: Need to allow for our dev team to build dashboards programmatically, without any sort of user interaction.
  5. Bonus would be to connect Metabase directly to APIs, but that we can work around.

Hi @dbenyamin

  1. Don't know what you want to change, but if you are looking to change fonts and things like that, then you need to build you own custom version.
  2. There's several different types of sharing and embedding:
  3. I don't know what this means.
  4. and 5. Yes, there's an API:

1.) More of changing the whats in a dashboard, the arrangement of the components of the dashboard, etc. in a visual (easy) way. Is it possible to build custom visualizations if needed?

3.) Here's an example:


1.) Yes:

3.) Pages/tabs/etc are currently not supported:

Thanks! For 3, I suppose Collections is pretty comparable? Are users able to be permissioned to click around different reports within a collection?

@dbenyamin Yes: