(HELP) Unaggregated Field - Stacking Bar Chart

Hey guys,

Looks like there was a thread on this a year ago but it received no replies.

I’m currently trying to show an at a glance for user activity in a specific area of our site across the previous two weeks. The table works correctly but when viewing it in a bar graph it mentioned that the X access (user ID’s) were not aggregated and would be stacked…

I don’t want this to actually happen and would like to see multiple instances of the same user ID if possible but metabase seems to disagree. Can anyone suggest what I should be doing to avoid this from happening again? I’ve attached an image as an example.

As you can see the center bar should actually be 2 individual bars not 2 amounts stacked together.

I think you need to make user id unique ‘more unique’. Can you concatentate the date with the ID?


Hey Andrew. Thanks for the Swift reply. I’ve gone ahead and done that and it’s solved my issued but now that those values are concatenated they both appear on the x axis when I’m only hoping to see the user id. Any ideas here?

Not that I can think of. Can you make the concatenation look like it’s supposed to be there? You’re only using 2 weeks, so day of month hyphen user id or something?

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