Help with Field filter + query with join

I created a Question based on native query that uses also a field filter . The native query uses a join between two tables - the query works before adding the field filter. When adding the field filter and entering value the preview query includes:
where CAST("public"."table_name"."created_at" AS date) = date '2023-10-19'

this table i gave the alias l in the join - but getting this error:

invalid reference to FROM-clause entry for table "table_name" Hint: Perhaps you meant to reference the table alias "l"

Is this a known issue ? is there a workaround for it ?

if the query has table aliases you canĀ“t use field filters

Thanks - So in general i can use the full names of the tables.
However is there a workaround for case where i want to join the same table twice, each time on a different field.
For example i have a table with "source" and "target" fields on each row so i need a join to a table with the data for this fields (each record here could either be source or target). Getting error :
ERROR: table name "network" specified more than once