Help with Street Sheet Dashboard

Hey All,

Really struggling with what should be a basic dashboard filter. I am very new to Metabase but am being asked to rewrite my entire companies reporting structure so I am a little overwhelmed.

ANyway that aside I just need to write a dashboard that will allow a user to come in and search on a partial address and pull up all addresses on a given Road. I have a Master location Databse which I pull in through a question and then on to the dashboard. I Can go in to the Data Model and change the settings enough so that it is a searchable field but what I can not do is search as if it were a Contains Filter.

So I can bring up 203 Whatever Ave. but what I need to be able to do is just put in Whatever Ave. and have it pull all addresses from the raw data.

This needs to be accessed by multiple people out in the field so I need it to be as easy and user friendly as possible. Hope this makes at least a bit of sense. Seems like it should be so easy but I am just fumbling.

Hi @aharrier
I would recommend that you read this:

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am able to get them to search the way I want within a question but I still cant get it to work within a Dashboard and that is where my struggle is. I dont want people to have to manipulate the question itself constantly nor do I want people to have to contact me 5 times a day so I was hoping a dashboard would be the way to go. Currently I dont even see the column I need as an option when I add a filter to the Dashboad and go to set its variable.

@aharrier Okay, I think you need to provide some screenshots, so it's possible to know your query and which filter type you have created on the question, and which filter type you are trying to add to the dashboard, or specifically what the problem is.
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